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Deleterious materials

Deleterious building materials   


The list below gives the common materials which are usually considered deleterious


Ø      High Alumina Cement


Ø      Wood wool slabs in permanent formwork to concrete.


Ø      Calcium Chloride or Sodium Chloride in concrete.


Ø      Asbestos Products.


Ø      Marine or sea dredged aggregates.


Ø      Lead, or materials containing lead, which may be ingested or absorbed.


Ø      Calcium silicate bricks or tiles.


Ø      Materials composed of mineral fibres which have a diameter of 3 microns or less or a length of 200 microns or less.


Ø      Decorative finishes containing lead or asbestos.


Ø      Paints and wood preservatives containing Pentachlorophenol.


Ø      Vermiculite, unless it is established as being fibre free.


Ø      Products containing cadmium that are referred to in the Environmental Regulations.